Wedding Planning

Congratulations! You are planning to be married—to enter into a relationship that God has ordained for the growth and happiness of God’s people. Through the ages, God has continued to bless in marriage those who enter it with prayer and live in it by faith.

Your desire to have a church wedding indicates that you see your marriage as a commitment made before God with emphasis on the Christ-centered character of the ceremony.

We want your wedding to be a sacred service of worship, and we all want to take care to maintain that dignity. While there is room for flexibility, the guidelines and suggestions in the booklet are meant to assist you in planning your wedding. The pastors, wedding coordinators and organist are available as resources in the planning of your wedding.

First Steps

Selecting the date and time: Olivet is a busy congregation with many weddings and other activities. We may have two weddings on a weekend. Your rehearsal may need to be scheduled around the second wedding. It is necessary to schedule a wedding with as much lead time as possible. We encourage you to secure a date as soon as possible following the engagement. We do not schedule weddings for holiday weekends or during Rally (usually September) activities.

When you call the church office, the administrative assistant will let you know if there are any other weddings scheduled for the date and time you have chosen. If the date is available, the administrative assistant will take your request to the weekly staff meeting to make sure there are no other events scheduled for that date that would conflict with a wedding.

If none, your wedding will be placed on the church calendar. The administrative assistant will call you to confirm your date and let you know that a wedding coordinator has been assigned to your wedding. You will need to contact your wedding coordinator to schedule a time when you can meet and go over the details of your wedding.

A complete Wedding Booklet is available in the church office.

Planning a Baptism

Baptism at Olivet

Baptism is the entrance rite to the Christian church. As Lutheran Christian people we recognize Baptism as one of the two Sacraments, the other being Holy Communion. In Baptism, God claims us as a child; in Holy Communion we discover food for life’s journey. Along with God’s Word we call these Sacrament the Means of Grace, i.e., the way in which God grants us grace. The gifts we are given are forgiveness of sins, a new life today, and the promise of eternal life.

Planning a Baptism

When planning a Baptism for you or your child, please contact the church office with a date in mind. A pastor will then contact you to arrange a meeting time to discuss Baptism and the service itself.