An opportunity for you to help our youth have valuable faith-life experiences.Did you ever go to bible camp? Did you ever go on a church ski trip? Did you ever go on a retreat or to a gathering with your youth group that had a profound impact on your faith? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you’re probably enjoying the many memories flooding back of those times. If you didn’t have the chance to be involved in these forms of ministry as a young person, have you heard how valuable these experiences can be? Whether you took part in these activities or not, we have a way for you to help provide today’s youth of Olivet with amazing opportunities to grow in their faith in new and exciting ways. A Youth Scholarship Fund has been created, thanks to the generosity of the Needham family who provided money, in memory of Don Needham, to seed this fund. This fund was created to provide financial assistance to our youth who are interested in going on Olivet’s youth trips and retreats. It is designed so that you can contribute to this fund any time during the year and for any reason. We invite and encourage you to prayerfully consider this ongoing opportunity to give to our Youth Scholarship Fund and make a difference in the lives of our youth. If you would like to donate to this fund, please contact Gail at the church office at 235-6603 at any time during the year.

Olivet’s Life Long Learning Commision