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All Girls should feel ‘Beautiful Inside and Out’. BIO Girls Running Club is an opportunity for Girls in grades 2-6 to develop relationships with mentors, enhance self-confidence through a Christian-based self-esteem curriculum and work towards the goal of running the Fargo Marathon 5K. This program isn’t about running the fastest, finishing in the best time or developing champion runners. This program is about building self-confidence through positive mentoring and goal attainment.

The BIO Girls will be divided into age groups to participate in a self-esteem building activity and then train for the 5K using a variety of fitness activities all designed to prepare them for the race in May. We won’t just be running – bioaffirmcirclewe’ll be jumping, doing sit-ups, partner drills and most of all having fun. We will emphasize teamwork, positivity and encouragement. Girls don’t have to be athletes or runners; this is a program for girls who could use positive reinforcement and a boost in self-confidence…and what girl doesn’t need that?

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