Church Women United

Church Women United meets once a month at an area church. The monthly location is listed in our calendar each month. North Dakota Church Women United is a non-profit organization. Church women across the state are active volunteers in their communities. Through our organization they share program ideas,  project ideas, keep informed of relevant issues and stay in touch.   Kay Johnson is our Olivet Lutheran Church representative. She can be reached at 701-793-3250.

Church Women United of North Dakota Board of Directors
President: Laura Munski, Grand Forks

Vice President: Donata Nellermoe, Fargo

Secretary/Treasurer: Janet Reed Miller, Fargo

Ecumenical Development: Carol Guymer, Bismarck

Our History

Women of the Midwest have always been active in mission. North Dakota women were involved with Church Women United from the very start. North Dakota women from across the state first gathered in 1945; “Christian Women Building a Lasting Peace” was the gathering theme. Women from all Christian denominations joined together to work toward peace in their communities and the world. The gathering brochure stated that:
“There are some things we can do together, that we cannot do alone.”
“Christian women united, can help direct the forces of community life.”  and
“The work of each church will be strengthened by the united work.”
North Dakota women worked toward world peace, focusing on the women and children of war torn Europe. In the report from the 1948 North Dakota Council of Church Women Mrs. Haibeck reports that there were 7 active councils; the cities of Fargo and Minot and the smaller towns of Noonan, Beulah, LaMoure, Tuttle and Hettinger. Beyond these communities North Dakota women served as county directors with the North Dakota Interchurch Council in 30 counties. Eighty five towns observed the World Day of Prayer that year and North Dakota was able to send over $1,000 to the national office for world missions. On World Community Day 1948 North Dakota women collected over $300 and numerous school kits for European children. By 1951 North Dakota had 109 local councils of church women and 125 communities participated in World Day of Prayer. Women brought warm clothes to World Community Day that year to send to school children overseas. In 1985, banners from over 30 communities in North Dakota were a part of the Ribbon of Peace that encircled the Pentagon, decorated the Memorial Bridge and the Peace Museum in Washington D.C.
The North Dakota church women of today participate in Church Women United programs and keep in touch using internet technology. The ND CWU web site gives women an opportunity to share details of projects they are working on so that others can learn from their success. It is a place to post ND church women events. It is a link to the National CWU programs, the CWU United Nations news, and the CWU legislative updates.



The Fellowship of the Least Coin

The Fellowship of the Least Coin is a worldwide ecumenical movement of prayer for peace and reconciliation. The Fellowship of the Least Coin began in 1956 by Shanti Solomon. Her vision was for women on all continents to pray for reconciliation in the home, community, nation and world. We must listen to each other to learn of that which limits and binds, when we feel another’s pain we are moved to action.  This is what solidarity means. Our actions risk being less effective when we act alone; the Fellowship of the Least Coin creates solidarity among women. Anyone who wishes to join this movement makes a commitment to spend time in prayer for peace and reconciliation. During each time of prayer a ‘least coin’ is set aside to help other women.

The Fellowship of the Least Coin calls you to:
* Pray regularly for people in every part of the world.
* Become an instrument of reconciliation that brings people together in harmony.
* Set aside as a token of participation a ‘least coin’ for each prayer of reconciliation you pray.  This “Least Coin” is a symbol of hope and oneness with those working towards peace in our world.
* Attend a Church Women United May Fellowship celebration and bring your Least Coin offering or mail your offering to the Church Women United National Office (475 Riverside Drive Room 1626, New York, NY 10115). All offerings are used for program grants benefiting women around the world.