Our congregation supported and sent a delegation of 20 people to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in December of 2013. We have returned changed people. If you know any of the travelers personally please take the time to ask them how they are doing and what the experience in Ethiopia meant to them! Be prepared to see some tears and have part of their hearts shared with you. Transitioning back into everyday life is not easy when your whole world has been rocked, but we know that we have the support of our faith community. One thing that has become very important to us is child sponsorship. The children were very excited to see if their sponsor was a part of the group or not, and asked us what we knew about their sponsor and if they would ever travel to Ethiopia! While we were in Ethiopia through social media we were able to get a majority of the children sponsored. Thank-you for that! We recently added 20 children to the sponsorship program. For $38 a month you can support these boys and girls, write and receive letters, and ensure that their families continue to be supported through Onesimus Children’s Development Association. You can sign-up for sponsorship by going to This is a decision that you will not regret and will change not only the life of the child you sponsor, but also yours! As soon as these four children are sponsored Onesimus will be able to add to their sponsorship program, which means more vulnerable children will have more stability in their lives.