Long before the sun rises, at 6:30am on Fridays  a small and welcoming group meets in the Upper Room for 60 minutes to explore the stories from scripture that speak to the stories of our lives. What a way to start the day! Interested? Coffee is always on and treats usually appear on the table. Check us out. All are welcome.

We are looking for volunteers to serve as ‘back-up’ for our Sunday morning sound technician. This entails running the sound board and PowerPoint for worship. If interested, please contact Pastor Kris.

Balancing. Every high school graduate should know how to read a bank statement and balance a checkbook. The ATM machine isn’t a money tree with unlimited fruit. Financial decisions have real life consequences. Banks sometimes make mistakes. The regular practice of reconciling a bank statement can drive these lessons home. This information is presented by the Olivet Foundation. Please keep Olivet and the Olivet Foundation in mind as you do your financial planning.

For all you “snowbirds”…. Did you know that you can listen to Olivet’s Sunday 8:30 worship service at 10:00am central time on your computer, laptop or iPad? Just sign in to

What can I do to alleviate the shortage of pastors in the ELCA? You can recognize and encourage prospective Seminar students and then support them financially. Even small donations to the Seminary Scholarship Memorial Fund over a year do add up significantly. For example: 100 contributions of $25 becomes $2500 and a long way to our goal of $4000 per year. Please, also, consider that memorials can be gifted to the fund at any time. Gifts can be made in your weekly pledge envelopes and placed in the offering plate on Sundays. Our Seminary students will be grateful. Training and ordaining pastors is a long term commitment and requires our financial commitment as well.

The YWCA Cass-Clay provides shelter for women/children victims of abuse in their homes. Each week towel sets (bath, hand towel, washcloth) from Olivet are delivered to the Shelter. If you can help, please bring your new towel sets to the church office, so that we can continue to provide this very basic need. Your donation is tax-deductible.


MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)
MOPS is a Christian ministry that seeks to connect every mom… stay-at-home and working moms, moms with different lifestyles, who all share a similar hope to be the best moms they can be! We are currently seeking volunteers for our nursery and preschool rooms during meetings. Two Thursdays a month, September-May, 8:45-11:15am. MOPPETS is the well-being and happiness of children during our meetings. If your desire is to bring the warmth of kindness to a child, by reserving a few hours of time each month, we would be over the moon to have your support. Contact: Erin Ehlert at

Our lending closet is available for parishioners for temporary needs of medical equipment.  Donations are welcome and if we have an over abundance of items they are donated to Project Hero.  Brenda can also assist in helping find resources through Project Hero for families in need. We are in need of a person(s) who would help in organizing the closet and also cleaning up used equipment.    Contact Parish Nurse Brenda if you can help in this ministry.

Please notify the church office if you or your family member are hospitalized. Our pastors would like to visit you while you are in the hospital. Federal regulations have made it difficult for our pastors to have access to names of hospitalized patients. If you are admitted through the emergency room, your name isn’t always listed as an Olivet member.

On Thursdays at 10:30am, Pastor Bill Boelter will lead a Bible Study on the three texts assigned for the following Sunday. The goal of the study is two-fold: to examine the background and underlying message of each lesson and attempt to see the connections among them. All are invited. The study may be of special interest to the lectors who read the lessons at worship. Each week’s study is separate from the next which means you can benefit even if you can’t be present each week. Questions:  Pastor Bill at 235-6603.

Did you know? Olivet has hearing devices which enhance hearing the service.  They are available for check out on Sundays in the office.  Olivet has large print bulletins available each Sunday.  Ushers will have these to distribute.

The Olivet Church Council created the Marriage Task Force in the fall of 2015 with seven Olivet members, one Council representative, and two staff members. The Task Force was asked to:
1) Explore the ramifications of the US Supreme Court’s ruling that same gender couples may be legally married,
2) Enter into conversation with members of our congregation,
3) Engage in the study of Scriptures and other sources, and
4) Make a recommendation to the Church Council on how to respond to the issue.
The Olivet Marriage Task Force offered presentations, Bible studies, discussions and conversations on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings on the issue of same gender marriages.

The following is the recommendation made to the Olivet Church Council:
“In light of the fact that same-gender marriage is legal in all 50 states, consistent with our understanding of the policy recommended by the ELCA’s 2009 Social Statement on Human Sexuality, and understanding the fact that we as Olivet Lutheran Church members may not be of one mind on the matter but are one in Christ and centered in grace, Olivet Lutheran Church supports granting our pastors the freedom to follow their bound consciences in responding to requests to perform same-gender marriages either offsite or at Olivet Lutheran Church.”
The Olivet Marriage Task Force presented this recommendation, and it was approved by the Olivet Church Council.