by Mike Wohfeil
Greetings and Happy New Year from the Olivet Congregational Council. The council and the associated four commissions — Parish Life and Social Outreach, Worship and Witness, Resource and Development, Lifelong Learning — all have almost-monthly meetings throughout the year and are looking forward to productive and meaningful agendas in 2019 as they strive to advance the mission of Olivet Lutheran Church. Though the members of the council are elected at the annual congregational meeting, know that the constitution of Olivet Lutheran Church authorizes each commission to appoint additional members of the congregation to its commission in order to more efficiently and effectively carry out its work. Please contact a member of the church council if you have an interest in serving on one of the four commissions. The commissions generally meet monthly and also provide an update of its work to the congregational council.

Service on the church council provides many wonderful insights into Olivet, but a never-ending benefit is the opportunity to glimpse the myriad missions occurring at Olivet. Each time the council or a commission comes together, we hear unique stories of individuals and groups living their faith as they take seriously their promise to love their neighbors, without exception. From library volunteers nurturing mission by encouraging literacy to the stories of the numerous dedicated workers in the food pantry to tales of the dozens and dozens of volunteers nurturing children and youth, Olivet is filled with everyday heroes serving as exemplars and models of the Christian life. We are blessed to have so many people using their gifts in such extraordinary ways.

In February, the council will welcome new members, and throughout 2019, will strive to remain good stewards of the generous estate gift, will make plans for a meaningful Lenten season and Easter, and will seek to maintain and expand the many missions of Olivet Lutheran Church.