MondayJune 12th, 8:30am
Wednesday, June 21st  11:30am
Monday, June 26 8:30am
Includes: foot assessment, soak, nail trimming, exfoliation, massage of feet, and optional paraffin wax treatment.
Cost: $25.00 to All Heath Home Care.
Donations  of $5.00 appreciated for Olivet’s costs.
Sign up at the office or contact Parish Nurse Brenda

pink ribbonCancer Care and Support Time

This group takes a vacation for the summer.  A survey will be sent to those known to have cancer this summer.  We look forward to your feedback.

UPCOMING EVENTS:  You may want to check out the “Cancer Journey Conference”.  It will be held on June 20th at the Courtyard by Mariott in Moorhead.  You can register online at



A seven week grief series for those grieving will begin on Wednesday, May 10th at 7:00pm. Classes will held on Wednesday’s through June 21st. There is no cost and it is open to the public. For more information contact Brenda Bauer. Topics included are:
Crazy is Normal, Stages of Grief, Stress and Loneliness, Value of Memories, Denial-Bargaining-Guilt, Anger-Depression, and Spiritual Elements of Grief and Healing.



Will be meeting at Olivet on Monday evenings (except Halloween) at 6:45pm in the Chapel area. There is a weigh in time from 6:15 to the start of the meeting. TOPS is a non-profit, self led weight loss group. There are no gimmicks or special food to buy. There is a minimal membership fee per month of $5, an annual membership fee of $32, and incentives to loose pounds. You follow the diet plan of your choice or suggested by your health care provider. Members receive the TOPS magazine. To learn more contact Parish Nurse Brenda.

New information from our local hospitals

Olivet Pastoral Staff (Pastors and Deacon Brenda) attempt to visit those known to be in the hospital. Visits normally occur on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. But, visits will be made in case of emergencies and as available.

With the opening of the new Sanford Hospital we will have five hospital campuses to visit. Each facility has its own policies about notifying clergy.

Due to the healthcare information privacy act (HIPPA) Olivet is not automatically notified if someone is in the hospital. Please call the church, if possible, or have a friend or relative call us giving us the room number and hospital. This is the best way to make sure you receive a visit. If you should change rooms within the hospital, also please call us. If you list yourself as not wishing to be on the public list……we cannot learn of your being in the hospital. If you list yourself as Lutheran, you will not be specifically on Olivet’s list.

Below is the suggestions for each facility:
Sanford: At admission state you are from Olivet Lutheran and would like to be on their list. If you need an immediate visit ask for a chaplain to visit and inform them to notify us. Please let us know which campus you are a patient.

Essentia: Ask the nurse for a chaplain visit and the chaplain will contact the church.

VA: Directly call Olivet asking for a visit, or ask for a chaplain referral and visit from Olivet.

Prairie St. John’s: Call or have a family member call the church or ask the social worker to call the church. A code will need to be given by the patient for those wishing to visit. There are specific visitation times, also.

Other Rehab or Treatment Facilities: Ask that Olivet Pastors be called or call yourself. Usually there as specific times to visit and you will need to give permission for a specific person.


Are you diabetic or pre-diabetic. The Parish Nurse Office has a monthly email newsletter you can be receiving. Send your email to Brenda at to receive it.

Olivet Parish Health Ministry provides two special newsletters. One is for those who have had a loved one die and is sent monthly. The other is for caregivers of a loved one, relative, or friend. The caregiver newsletter is sent by church season. To be on this mailing list please send your email to or call Brenda at 235-6603.


Flannel/Fleece Baby Blankets (minimum size 40″ x 40″ )
Breast Prosthesis


Are you shut in or homebound and in need of a visit?  If you would like to be added to our visitation lists please call the church office and we will set up a time for a visit.


The next Olivet Blood Drive has been scheduled for Wednesday, August 23 from 2:45-6:30 p.m.


Our lending closet is available for parishioners for temporary needs of medical equipment. Donations are welcome and if we have an abundance of items they are donated to Project Hero. Brenda can also assist in helping find resources through Project Hero for families in need. Olivet’s items are inventoried. To check out items please take the item to the office and have the tag removed.

Brenda Bauer, Parish Nurse, is now a certified Advance Directive Facilitator. If you need assistance in completing your advance directives or to review your documents, schedule a time to meet with Brenda to begin this process. This directive helps loved ones and medical providers know your wishes when faced with decisions regarding life sustaining or life prolonging measures.