Mission of the Olivet Lutheran Church Library:

“To provide resources that encourage spiritual growth, explore the Christian Faith, educate, and entertain”



November/December 2017

Olivet Library is a uniquely special place to experience gratitude and joy during the holiday season.  The volunteer staff has recently initiated some physical changes in the library.  We are hopeful that the addition of special shelving and the reconfiguring of layout will provide a better library visit.

We are grateful to be able to provide Olivet Lutheran Church with a fully functioning library.  There is also great joy in knowing that people find comfort and quiet in the library not only by time spent relaxing in the comfort seating but also taking advantage of areas where computer work, homework and/or reading may be accomplished.

In addition to budget support, we are thankful for designated memorial funds.  They obviously play a major role in our ability to refresh the library with new books and assist the library in becoming an important resource for Olivet Lutheran staff, religious programs, reading programs, education programs, and the patrons of the library.

Thank you.  Blessing and Joy…


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