Mission of the Olivet Lutheran Church Library:

“To provide resources that encourage spiritual growth, explore the Christian Faith, educate, and entertain”


August 2017 

For the last Olivet Library Bookmobile of this current summer season, the focus will be on the library’s selection of nonfiction literature. Typically nonfiction has been defined as writing about facts and real events often with opinion or conjecture. It seems timely to look toward the beginning of a new church year (and school year) with a book that is thought provoking and interesting.

The bookmobile will offer (for checking out) books on religion, health, history, science, humor, self-help, biographies, autobiographies, etc. Look for the books on the table in the narthex on August 6th. Please remember to return books to the library by the stamped date in order for others to enjoy.   Thanks!


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