Mission of the Olivet Lutheran Church Library:

“To provide resources that encourage spiritual growth, explore the Christian Faith, educate, and entertain”


June 2017 

The Olivet Library will be providing our version of a “summer bookmobile/table”.  After the Sunday morning church service on June 4, July 9, and August 6, you will have the opportunity in the church narthex to check out book/books from the Olivet Library.

Even though the library will also be open at that time, we thought it would be fun to bring a taste of what we have to offer directly to you.  Olivet Library has a vast collection of over 3000 books…everything from spiritual/devotional to current best sellers.

All books may be checked out for three weeks.  Returning a book is as easy as checking out a book.  Simply place in the book return outside the library or the book return at the main desk in the librarySee you at the bookmobile/table!


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